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Students are involved in countless co-curricular activities which are powerfully positive experiences. The following activities are taken up at Pallavi Model School, the Top Schools in Boduppal.

The sports facilities include a Swimming pool, a baby splash pool, Sandpits, Tennis Courts, Squash Court, Football and Cricket fields, Outdoor and Indoor Basketball Courts, Skating Rink, and Taekwondo.



Equipped with proper training facilities and safety measures, we try to ensure that swimming remains a fun-filled exercise for our students.

Karadi Path

Karadi Path:

Storytelling sessions are taken up by professional storytellers. Students love and look forward to these sessions.



Drama is an important method of developing confidence, exploring issues and self-beliefs. The School has a beautifully equipped drama studio, complete with professional lighting and sound system



Skating is practiced under the careful supervision of the Rink masters.

Vocal Music

Vocal Music:

The primary and secondary students’ music rooms are equipped with various musical instruments. Students will be encouraged to play, compose, and perform within the school and at inter-school events.



Self-defense techniques are meticulously taught by professional Karate masters.

Art & Craft

Art & Craft

To suffice the artistic appetite of the puerile engenderers, painters, and craftsmen, the school building has a cavernous Art & Craft work station. The children at PMS, Top Schools in Boduppal, are emboldened to engender their colorful interpretations of what they observe around them. Under the able guidance of our Art & Craft edifiers, the children are inspirited to undertake many fun-filled activities like drawing, cutting and pasting, and coloring which is exhibited in a specially-designed exhibit window to ascertain that the children feel appreciated for their efforts.



Dedicated edifiers are allocated to guide the children through the distinctions of dance and music. The facility at PMS, Top Schools in Boduppal, provides an intimate venue for students to showcase their talents in this particular field and is well furnished with dance studio with wooden flooring and mirrors, an option of learning Indian classical, contemporary and traditional dance forms such as Salsa.



Every year students of PMS, Top Schools in Boduppal, from Grade 4 will be taken on overnight trips, away from the city. They will be scheduled to visit historical sites and to go on treks and camping. What they learn on the trip becomes a part of their curriculum, a form of field study. Students up to Grade 3 are taken on day trips. Safety is absolute priority students are supervised at all times.

Butterfly Fields:

Butterfly Fields:

The program is a non-disruptive solution by building on top what schools already teach in the class. It aligns with the school curriculum of PMS, Top Schools in Boduppal, and seamlessly integrates into existing school calendars and academics.

The belief that learning is a cycle based on experience, analysis, reflection and connecting to real-world situations. It is designed to be an experiential program that drives children to apply what they learn in school and find facts rather than memorize them, by working with diverse tools ranging from Engineering, ICT, Robotics, and Digital Media.

Month Wise Special Assembly (2019-20)


S.No Month / Date  Name of the event  
1 June 2nd Telangana Formation Day
2 June 12th Founder’s Day Celebrations
3 June 21st Yoga/ Music Day Celebrations 
4 June  22nd Investiture Ceremony 
5 July  22nd Pi Day Celebrations
6 July 23, 24 Math Week Celebrations
7 July 26th Bonalu  Celebrations
8 August 3rd Math -E-Magician Quiz Competition NIIT
9 August  7,8 Library Week Celebrations
10 August  14th Social Week   Celebrations
11 August  15th Independence day Celebrations
12 August  23rd Janmashtami Celebrations
13 August 29 , 30 Telugu Week Celebrations
14 August  31st Vinayaka Chaturthi Celebrations
15 September  5th Teacher’s day Celebrations
16 September  14th  Inter School Quiz Competition (NIIT)
17 September  27th  Dussehra Celebrations
18 October  16,17 English Week Celebrations
19 October  25th Diwali / Deepavali Celebrations
20 November      2nd  Math -E-Magician Quiz Competition NIIT  
21 November  14th   Children’s day Celebrations
22 November  30th  Sports Day Celebrations  
23 December 23rd Christmas  Celebrations
24 December  31st New Year Celebrations  
25 January  9,10th Hindi week Celebrations
26 January   10/11th  Sankranthi Celebrations
27 January  26th Republic Day Celebrations
28 February  19th  Class X Farewell
29 February  20/21  International Mother tongue day Celebrations
30   Inter School group  Dance Competition
31   Inter School Solo   Dance Competition
32   Inter School group  Singing Competition
33   Inter School solo    Singing Competition